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Catalog No. Description New Price New Qty. Details
10-50L Desoldering Braid, Rosin, Copper, 0.1" x 50 ft, Chem-Wik $50.00 1 Details
409B-340G Fast-drying contact cleaner spray, dissolves oils and residues. $25.00 12 Details
419D-P-GR 419D Overcoat Pen, Green, 5 ml/4.6g, MG Chemicals $20.00 2 Details
80050 Clear RTV Silicone Adhesive Sealant 3oz, Permatex $15.00 17 Details
835-100ML Liquid Rosin Flux 125mL $15.00 0 Details
8361-140G Label and adhesive remover, MG Chemicals $20.00 10 Details
Deep Creep Premium penetrating oil & lubricant, Seafoam $20.00 4 Details
HG1360B ESD Blue Heel Strap with One Meg Resistor $15.00 6 Details
PTP8 Solder tip, 1/32, 0.031 X 0.62 X 800 degree PT Series, conical, For TC201 Series iron, Weller $7.50 20 Details
SHP-1 Handpiece for Metcal 500P-11, Thermaltronics $125.00 1 Details
STTC-136P-PK Soldering iron cartridge, chisel, 2.5mm (0.1 in), 30 degree, Metcal $50.00 3 Details
TATC-608 Metcal TATC-608 TATC 600 Series .05in. Angled Dual Talon Cartridge/Temp Sensitive $125.00 8 Details
Thermalcote Thermal joint compound 2oz - Thermalloy Inc. $15.00 11 Details
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