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Catalog No. Description New Price New Qty. Details
14A-30-24 Power Transformer, 115/230VAC-12/24VAC 30VA, 1.25A, 50/60HZ, $15.00 3 Details
220-0035 TRANSFORMER, 10VAC, 50. Manufacturer: ZMan Magnetics   40 Details
302836 XFMR, Practec Custom Switching Transformer, 27Khz $20.00 839 Details
DST-3-28 Power Transformer, 115/230VAC-14/28VAC 2.4VA, 50/60HZ. $7.50 2 Details
LP-230-50 Transformer, Flathead, 230VCT@50mA, 12VA, Dual primaries 115/230VAC, 50/60HZ Semi-Torodial, BEL. $25.00 2 Details
NV1015-LF3 TRANSFORMER, DC-DC 800V TO 18V, -12V $30.00 42 Details
PC-40-30 Power Transformer, 115VAC, 20V/40VCT, 1.2VA, 50-5000HZ. $6.50 4 Details
PE-61017 SCR Pulse Transformer, 3 Ohm, 2:1 Turn Ratio $20.00 18 Details
RL-7674 Renco Custom TRANSFORMER 480V/600V MAIN POWER for H2C boards. $20.00 548 Details
RL-7675 Renco Custom 500KHZ PUSH-PULL TRANSFORMER FOR H2C boards. $20.00 966 Details
RL-7676 Renco Custom 500KHZ SCR DRIVER TRANSFORMER FOR H2C boards. $20.00 259 Details
RL-7677 Renco Custom 500KHZ TRANSFORMER IGBT DRIVER FOR H2C boards. $10.00 415 Details
RL-7808 230V MAIN POWER TRANSFORMER FOR H2-C-SIZE $20.00 624 Details
RL-8027 XFMR, 500KHZ, SCR DRIVER, FOR H2B $10.00 146 Details
RL-8033 Renco Custom 500KHZ TRANSFORMER IGBT DRIVER FOR H2B boards. $20.00 305 Details
RL-8878 TRANSFORMER, HIGH FREQUENCY, 27V/12/12, 8VA $40.00 1 Details
RL-9680 Renco Custom Flyback TRANSFORMER. $20.00 100 Details
TR0001A21 TRANSFORMER, 150VA, 100KHZ, FLYBACK $95.00 11 Details
TR0001A28 TRANSFORMER, 30VA, 40KHZ, FLYBACK   18 Details
TR0107A00 TRANSFORMER, Custom, HF, 300ma $30.00 4 Details
TR0107A01 TRANSFORMER, Custom, HF, 300ma. $30.00 6 Details
TR0122A02 TRANSFORMER, DC TO DC, 24V $45.00 28 Details
TR0122A03 Transformer, for DC TO DC converter, 230V For Primary Voltage $50.00 116 Details
TR0136A00 XFMR, HV FLYBACK CONVERTER, CE APPR, G3, PCI #0503 $95.00 1 Details
TR0136A03 Transformer, Flyback, 50V   629 Details
TR0159A00 TRANSFORMER, DC-DC, 24V, 5W $20.00 75 Details
V2100011 Transformer, Power Supply $30.00 16 Details
V2100013 TRANSFORMER, 20VAC, 50KHZ, PCI #301121, Zman   10 Details
V2100021 Transformer, 60VAC, 50KHZ   11 Details
V2100022 TRANSFORMER, 60VA, 50KHZ PCI#? $30.00 15 Details
V2100025 Transformer, 60VA, 500KHZ PCI #301586 $20.00 104 Details
V2100028 TRANSFORMER, 8VAC, 500KHZ $40.00 13 Details
XF00006A-00 TRANSFORMER BIAS Power Supply 20 PIN W/GROUND $40.00 7 Details
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