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Catalog No. Description New Price New Qty. Details
0263.375MXL Fuse w/leads, Fast Blow, PICO II, .375A 250V 3.683x7.62mm, TH, Axial. $2.00 0 Details
0263.750HAT1L Fuse Fast Blow PICO II .75A 250V 3.683x62.7mm $2.00 600 Details
0263002.MXL Fuse Fast Blow PICO II 2A 250V 3.683x7.62mm $1.50 99 Details
0263004.MXL Fuse Fast Blow PICO II 4A 250V 3.683x7.62mm $1.00 650 Details
0263005.MXL Fuse Fast Blow PICO II 5A 250V 3.683x7.62mm $1.00 664 Details
0ZRE0055FF1A PTC Resettable Fuse 0.55A(hold), 1.25A(trip), 240VDC/240VAC, 7A, 3.4W, 0.45 Ohm, Radial, 14x4.1x21.7mm. Manufacturer: Bel Fuse $1.00 280 Details
37208000411 Fuse Slow Blow .8A 250V L=8mm x D=8.5mm, LS=5.08mm, TR5 Radial $1.00 48 Details
37414000410 Fuse Slow Blow 4A 250V TR5 Radial $0.60 248 Details
TR1/6125TD2-R Fuse Time Delay Brick 2A 125VAC/60VDC 2410(6125mm) $0.80 607 Details
TR1/6125TD4-R Fuse Time Delay Brick 4A 125VAC/60VDC 2410(6125mm) $0.60 697 Details
TR1/6125TD5-R Fuse Time Delay Brick 5A 125VAC/60VDC 2410(6125mm) $0.70 467 Details
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