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Catalog No. Description New Price New Qty. Details
78L33A VOLTAGE REGULATOR,3.3V,S08 - STMicroelectronics $0.50 29 Details
78SR108HC SWITCHING Voltage REGULATOR +8V 1.5A 3PIN SIPP Horizontal Mount $45.00 8 Details
78SR115VC Switching Voltage Regulator, 1.5A, +15V, 3PIN SIPP, Vertical Mount $75.00 11 Details
78ST105H SWITCHING Voltage REGULATOR,1.5A,+5V,3PIN SIPP,Horizontal Mount - Texas Instruments / Power Trends, $50.00 68 Details
78ST108S SWITCHING VOLTAGE REGULATOR POSITIVE 1.5A +8V SM, Horizontal Mount $50.00 23 Details
78ST115S SWITCHING VOLTAGE REGULATOR POSITIVE 1.5A +15V SM, Texas Instruments / Power Trends. $75.00 4 Details
ADUM5000ARWZ Isolated DC/DC Converters, 5V, 500mW, Isolation Voltage 2.5kV, SOIC-16 $7.50 44 Details
DPA424GN-TL Switching Regulator, 1 Output, 400 kHz, SMD-8, $2.50 90 Details
L149V Linear Voltage Regulator IC 1 Output 4A 5-PENTAWATT $15.00 50 Details
L7805CV Linear Voltage Regulator, 5.0V, 1.0A, Positive, TO-220, Fixed $0.50 33 Details
L7812ACV Linear Voltage Regulator, 12V, 1A, 1-Channel, 2% 3-Pin, TO-220 $0.45 700 Details
L7824CD2T Linear Voltage Regulator, Fixed, 24V, 1.5A, Positive, D2PAK $0.65 900 Details
L78L33ABD-TR Linear, 3.3V, 100mA, Positive, Fixed, 49dB - PSRR, SO-8 $0.40 73 Details
L78M08CDT-TR 8V, 500mA, Positive, Fixed, 56dB - PSRR, TO-252 $0.40 677 Details
LD1086D2T50TR LDO Voltage Regulator, 5.0V, 1.5A, Positive, Fixed, 1 Output, D2PAK-3 $0.90 1,000 Details
LE50ABD-TR LDO, 5V, 100mA, Positive, Fixed, 1 Output, 15mV Load Regulation, SOIC-8 $0.90 272 Details
LM2676S-ADJ/NOPB Switching Regulator, TO-263-7, 1.2V to 37V, 3A, 1 Output, 260 kHz $5.00 314 Details
LM317EMP/NOPB Linear Voltage Regulator, 500mA, ADJ 1.2V-37V Positive, SOT-223, PSRR/Ripple Rejection - 80dB $1.00 484 Details
LM317LMX Linear, Adjustable, 40V max, 1.2V ~ 37V, 100mA, 1 Output, SOP-8 $0.40 1,413 Details
LM317MDTG Linear Voltage Regulator, 500mA, ADJ 1.2V-37V Positive, DPAK, PSRR/Ripple Rejection - 80dB, TO-252-3 $0.50 324 Details
LM317T Linear Voltage Regulator, 1.2V ~ 37V, Adjustable, 1.5A, 0 ~ 125C, 80dB PSRR, TO-220 $5.00 50 Details
LM336MX-5.0/NOPB Reference Diode 5V, 1%, 10mA, SOIC-8 Narrow $0.60 1,300 Details
LM340LAZ-5.0 Linear Voltage Regulators TO-92 +5.0V 100mA -/+2% $0.50 2,441 Details
LM4040AIM3-10.0/NOPB Voltage Reference, 10V, 0.1%, 40 PPM/C, 15 mA, Shunt Precision, SOT-23 $1.60 242 Details
LM4040AIM3-2.5 Voltage Reference, 2.5V Shunt Precision, SOT-23 $1.70 772 Details
LM4040AIM3-5.0/NOPB Voltage Reference, 5V, 0.1%, 30 PPM/C, 15 mA, Shunt Precision, SOT-23 $1.60 372 Details
LM7805CT Fixed Output Linear Regulator, 3 PIN, 1.5A, TO-220, 9.4mm x 10.16mm x 4.83mm $1.00 600 Details
LM7815CT 15V, 1A, Fixed, 4%, 70dB, TO-220AB, 300mV, -40C ~ 125C $0.50 400 Details
LM78L05ACZ Linear Voltage Regulators +5.0V 100mA -/+5% TO-92 $0.75 100 Details
LM7915CT LDO Regulator Neg -15V 1.5A 3-Pin(3+Tab) TO-220 Rail $1.00 409 Details
LM79L05ACZ/NOPB IC REG, LDO-5V, 0.1A, TO92-3, $1.00 100 Details
LT1374CS8#PBF Voltage Regulator, Adjustable, 4.5A, 1 output, SOIC-8 $9.00 14 Details
MC34064P-5RA Supervisory Circuit, 4.59V, UnderVoltage, TO-92-3(TO-226), 1 Input, Open Collector / Drain $0.50 1,322 Details
MC705P6ACPE MCU 8-bit HC05 CISC 4672byte EPROM 3.3V/5V 28-Pin PDIP $6.00 20 Details
MC7815ABD2TR4G IC,POS VOLT REG,1A,+15V,D2PAK - ON Semiconductor $0.50 771 Details
MC7815CD2TR4G 1A, 15V, Positive, Fixed, 0C - 150C, TO-263-3 $0.70 1,365 Details
MC7815CTG 15V, 1A, Fixed, 4%, 58 dB Ripple, 17-35V INPUT, TO-220-3, -40C ~ 125C $0.50 350 Details
MC78L05ACDR2 Linear Voltage Regulator, +5V, 100mA, +/-4%, SOIC-8 $0.25 4,946 Details
MC78M05CDTRKG Linear Voltage Regulator, 5V-Output Voltage, 500mA, 80dB, Fixed, TO-252-3 $0.40 3,132 Details
MC7915BD2TR4G Linear Voltage Regulator, Fixed, -15V, 1A, D2PAK $0.80 68 Details
MC79L05ACD Linear Voltage Regulator, Negative, -5.0V, 0.10A, +/-4%, SOIC-8 $0.95 216 Details
PT4584A Power Trends - Isolated DC/DC Converters 15VDC out 2A 30W, 18-60V In (PT4584x) x = Vertical N, Horizontal A, SMD C. $300.00 3 Details
PT5101N Non-Isolated DC/DC Converters, Input: 9V to 38V, Output 5V, 1A, 25.4mm x 9.7mm x 25.9mm, Power Trends. $30.00 12 Details
PT6302C Non-Isolated DC/DC Converters 5Vout 3A Wide Input Adj Step-Down ISR REG 5.0V 3A ADJ ON/OFF SMD 12SIP $30.00 11 Details
PT78ST108V SWITCHING Voltage REGULATOR +8V 1.5A 3PIN SIPP Vertical Mount - Texas Instruments / Power Trends, Can be used for H or S mounting also. $40.00 258 Details
PT78ST115H SWITCHING VOLTAGE REGULATOR POSITIVE 1.5A +15V Horizontal Mount, Texas Instruments / Power Trends. $75.00 14 Details
REF02CSZ-REEL7 Voltage Reference, 5V, 1% Accuracy, 65 PPM/C, 8mA, SOIC-8 $2.10 403 Details
REF3020AIDBZR Voltage Reference, 2.048V, 50uA, Series References, SOT-23-3 $1.50 1,169 Details
REF3025AIDBZR Voltage Reference, 2.5V, 50uA, Series References, SOT-23-3 $1.50 1,542 Details
SG3525AN Push-Pull Regulator Positive Output Step-Up/Step-Down DC-DC Controller IC 16-PDIP $2.00 65 Details
TL431ACDBZT Voltage Reference, Adjustable Precision Shunt Regulator, 1 %, SOT-23-3 $0.80 250 Details
TL431CDR Voltage Reference, Adjustable, 2%, SOIC-8 $0.40 811 Details
TPS64203DBVT Dc/Dc Switching Controller, 1 Output, INPUT: 1.8V to 6.5V, 3A, SOT-23-6 $1.50 145 Details
TPS767D301PWPR LDO Voltage Regulator, Adjustable, Fixed, 5.07Pd, HTSSOP-28 $4.00 2,000 Details
TPS767D318PWPR LDO Voltage Regulator, Fixed, HTSSOP-28 $4.00 1,588 Details
TPS79133DBVT Linear Voltage Regulator, Positive, Fixed, 1 Output, 3.3V, 100mA, SOT-23-5 $1.20 185 Details
UA78L05ACDR Linear Voltage Regulator, +5V, 100mA, Fixed, +/-4%, SOIC-8 $0.25 4,916 Details
UA78L05AIDR Voltage Regulator, +5V, 0.1A, +/-4%, SOIC-8, Industrial - Texas Instruments $0.35 50 Details
UA78L12ACPKG3 Linear Voltage Regulator, 12V, Fixed Ouput, 100mA Output, 250mV Line Reg., SOT-89-3, SMD/SMT, 42 dB Ripple Rejection $0.45 100 Details
UC2842AD8 Switching Controller Current Mode, 15V, 1 Output 5V@1A, 100% duty cycle, 450 kHz, 50ns, SOIC-8 $1.00 163 Details
UC2844AD8 Current Mode PWM Controller, 30V, 1 Output 1A, 50% Duty Cycle, 450kHz, SOIC-8 $1.50 290 Details
UC3844BDR2G Current Mode PWM Controller, 30V, Boost, Flyback, 1 Output 4.9V-5.1V@1A, 48% duty cycle, 500 kHz, SOIC-14 $0.40 927 Details
UC3844BVD1 Current Mode PWM Controller, 30V, 48% duty cycle, 500kHz 1A, SOIC-8 $0.60 149 Details
UC3845BDR2G Switching Controllers 1A Current PWM w/48% Duty Cycle Max , 1 Output, 500 kHz, SOIC-14 $1.00 47 Details
UCC2808ADTR-1 Switching Controllers Low-Pwr Current-Mode Push-Pull PWM - Texas Instruments $5.00 40 Details
UCC28C42D Switching Controller BiCMOS Low-Current Current Mode, 1000 kHz, SOIC-8 $1.20 436 Details
UCC28C44DR Switching Controller, BiCMOS, Low-Power Current Mode, 1 Output, 1000 kHz, 18V, SOIC-8 $1.00 514 Details
UCC28C45DR Switching Controller, BiCMOS, Low-Power Current Mode, 1 Output, 1000 kHz, 7.6V-18V, SOIC-8 $1.00 1,364 Details
UCC3802DTR Switching Controllers Low-Power BiCMOS Current-Mode PWM, 1 Output, 1A, 1000kHz, SOIC-8 $2.00 1,046 Details
VIPER16LDTR Current Mode PWM Controller, AC/DC Converter, 60kHz, Input 11.5-23.5V, Output 800V 9W, SOIC-16 Narrow $0.50 2,000 Details
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