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Catalog No. Description New Price New Qty. Details
1MBH50D-060 IGBT single 50A 600V, TO-3PL. D= with flyback diode. Component has been replaced by component number 1MBH60-100
1MBH60-100 IGBT single 60A 1000V, for Brake output on 230V B size H series Drives. Replaces Fuji 1MBH50D-060, TO-247AD, TO-247-3. $6.00 479 Details
2N3904TFR Transistor BJT NPN 40V .2A 300MHz TO-92 $0.10 1,700 Details
2N3906 Transistor BJT PNP 40V .2A 250MHz TO-92 $0.10 1,000 Details
2N5366 Transistor, PNP, TO-92. $1.00 200 Details
BCW65ALT1G Transistor NPN 32V .8A 100MHz, SOT-23-3 $0.05 3,460 Details
BCW68GLT1G Transistor PNP 45V .8A 100MHz, SOT-23-3 $0.10 289 Details
FMMT491ATA Transistor NPN 40V 1A 150MHz, SOT-23-3 $0.15 2,889 Details
G5N150UF IGBT, 5A, 1500V, 50W, TO-220F, High Speed Switching, Low Saturation Voltage: VCE(sat)=4.7 V@IC=5A, High Input Impedance. $12.00 14,756 Details
IRG4PC40K IGBT Transistor 42A/25A 600V 160W Ultra Fast, TO-247AC $10.00 401 Details
IRG4PH40KDPBF IGBT Transistor 30A 1200V ULTRAFAST 4-20 KHZ, TO-247-3 $4.50 30 Details
IXBH40N160 Single IGHT (N-Channel BIMOSFET) 40A 1600V, for 575V B size H series Brake, TO-247AD, TO-247-3, $45.00 6 Details
IXER60N120 IGBT single 60A/95A 1200V, for Brake output on 415 crane H series drives, replaces Fuji 1MBH60-100, TO-247AD, TO-247-3. $60.00 10 Details
IXGH12N60CD1 IGBT, 600V, 24A, FWD, T&H, TO-247AD $50.00 20 Details
IXGH30N60A IGBT Transistor 50A(25C) 30A(90C) 600V, TO-247AD, TO-247-3. $3.00 96 Details
IXGH45N120 Single IGBT 45A 1200V, for Brake output on H series B size, replaces Fuji 1MBH60-100, TO-247AD, TO-247-3 $45.00 55 Details
IXGH72N60B3 IGBT single 72A 600V, for Brake output on B size H series. replaces Fuji 1MBH50D-060, TO-247AD, TO-247-3. Component has been replaced by component number 1MBH60-100
MJB44H11G Transistor NPN 10A 80V 50MHz, TO-263-3 (D2PAK) $1.00 405 Details
MJB45H11G Transistor PNP 10A 80V 40MHz, TO-252-3 (DPAK) $0.75 800 Details
MJB45H11T4G Bipolar Transistors - BJT 8A 80V 50W PNP - ON Semiconductor $1.00 800 Details
MJD44H11RLG Bipolar, 8A, 80V, 20W, 85 MHz, NPN, TO-252-3 (DPAK) $0.60 1,500 Details
MJD45H11RLG Bipolar Transistors - BJT 8A 80V 20W PNP, TO-252-3 (DPAK) $0.75 800 Details
MMBT2222A Bi-Polar, NPN, Single, 40V VCEO, 75V VCBO, 6V VEBO, 300 MHz, -55C ~ 150C, SOT-23 $0.10 2,581 Details
MMBT3906-7-F Bipolar Transistor, PNP, Single, -40V, 0.2A, 250 MHz, -55C ~ 250C, 300mW PD, SOT23 $0.05 900 Details
MMBT4401-7-F Bipolar Transistor, NPN, Single, 40V - VCEO, 60V - VCBO, -55C ~ 150C, 300mW, SOT-23 $0.10 2,839 Details
MMBTA56LT1 Bi-polar, PNP, Single, -80V - VCEO/VCBO, 0.5A Max DC, 225mW, 50 MHz, -55C ~ 155C, SOT-23 $0.10 20,813 Details
NTHS4101PT1 MOSFET, 1 Channel, P-Channel, -20V Vds, -6.7A Id, 1.3W Pd, 42 mOhms, Single Hex Drain, ChipFET-8 $0.70 494 Details
SI7414DN-T1-GE3 MOSFET, N-Channel, 60V Vdss, 25 mOhm RDS_on, 5.6A Id, -55°C ~ 150°C, PowerPAK-1212-8 $1.40 2,854 Details
STC04IE170HV Emitter switched bipolar transistor 1700V 4A .17 Ohm, TO-247-4 $4.00 1,608 Details
STGP14NC60KD IGBT, Transistor, 600V, 11A, TO-220-3, Through hole, 150uA, 28W $1.50 183 Details
TIP117 Darlington Transistors, 2A, 100V, Single, PNP, 2W - Pd, -65C ~ 150C, TO-220-3 $1.00 100 Details
TP2222A NPN, 75V Vcbo, 40V Vceo, 6V Vebo, 500mW Pd, 3-pin, TO-92 $0.50 1,600 Details
ULN2003A 7-element NPN Darlington Pair, 500 mA 50 V HFE: 1000, 16-Pin PDIP $0.35 300 Details
ULN2804A Octal NPN Darlington Pair, 0.5A, 50V HFE: 1000, 18-Pin PDIP $0.40 11 Details
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