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Catalog No. Description New Price New Qty. Details
1N4004 Diode, Rectifier, 1A, 400Vr, 1.1Vf, 175C, Standard Recovery, Through hole, DO-41 $0.10 3,000 Details
1N4007 Rectifier 1A,1000V,175C Standard Recovery $0.10 1,371 Details
1N4007-E3/54 Standard Recovery, Single, 1000V Vr, 1.1V vf, 5uA Ir, 1A If, DO-204AL $0.20 6 Details
1N4148TR DIODE, GP, 75V, 0.2A, 4NS, TH, DO-35 $0.10 4,000 Details
1N4148W-7-F Diode, Standard, 100V, 300mA (DC) Surface Mount, SOD-123 $0.10 811 Details
1N4937 Rectifiers 1.0a, 600V, Fast Recovery, 200ns, DO-41, Through hole, -65C ~ 150C $0.25 3,500 Details
1N5408 Power Rectifier, 1000V, 3A, Standard $0.30 250 Details
1N5626 Rectifier, 600V Vr, 3A If, 1V Vf, Single, -55V ~ 175C, SOD-64 $0.60 0 Details
1N5819RL Schottky, 40V Vrrm, 1A If, -65V ~ 150C, DO-41 $0.30 3,830 Details
1SMB120AT3G BI-Directional, 120V, 600W Pd, -65C ~ 150C, DO-214AA $0.50 1,045 Details
1SMB18CAT3G 18V, 20.5A, 600W, Bi-Directional, -65C~150C, DO-214AA, $0.40 44 Details 99-series Coil Indication and EMC Suppression Diode Module, 6 to 220VDC recovery diode $2.00 8 Details
APT60D100BG Diode Switching, Fast Recovery, 1KV Vr, 60A If, 250uA Ir, 280NS, -55C ~ 175C, TO-247 $7.00 1 Details
APT60D120B Diode, Epitaxial, Fast Recovery, 1200V Vr, 60A If, 250uA Ir, 400NS, -55C ~ 175C, TO-247 $7.00 20 Details
B240A-13-F Schottky Diodes & Rectifiers, 40V, 2A, SMD/SMT, Single, DO-214-2 $0.40 4,610 Details
B340LA-13-F 40V, 3A, Schottky, Single, SMA $0.40 1,346 Details
BAS 28 E6327 Switching Diode, GP, 4.5A, 85V, 4ns, Dual Parallel, SOT-143-4 $0.30 1,127 Details
BAS16-7-F Diode, General Purpose, Switching, 75V, 2A, SMD/SMT, SOT-23 $0.10 2,617 Details
BAS40-04-7-F Schottky Diode, Rectifier, 40V, 350mW, SOT-23, SMD/SMT, Dual Series, $0.30 2,850 Details
BAV99LT1G Diode, General Purpose, Power, Switching, 70V, 215mA, Dual, SMD/SMT, SOT-23-3 $0.10 1,921 Details
BAW56LT1G Diode, General Purpose, Power, Switching, 70V, 200mA, Dual, SMD/SMT, SOT-23-3, 6nS $0.10 1,603 Details
BYG21M-E3/TR Diode, Rectifiers, 1.5A, 1000V, SMD/SMT, SMA, Fast Recovery, Single, 120nS $0.40 901 Details
BYG22D-E3/TR Diode, Rectifiers, 2.0A, 200V, SMD/SMT, SMA, Ultra Fast Recovery, Single, 25nS $0.40 1,330 Details
BYW80-200G 200V, 8A, UltraFast, 35ns, TO-220-2, $0.80 245 Details
D798N14T Rectifier, 800A, 1400V, D-5014, 14x50mm $100.00 2 Details
DSI45-16A Diode, Rectifier, 45A, 1600V, TO-247, Single, Standard Recovery, Through Hole $3.50 69 Details
EGP20G Diode Rectifiers, 2A Rectifier, UF Recovery, 50ns, DO-15, 400V, single $0.40 4,500 Details
ERA34-10 Silicon rectifier diode, 1000V, 0.1A, Isolated, -40C ~ 140C $0.20 10,800 Details
FR207-T Diode, Fast Recovery Rectifier, single, 1kV, 2A, 500ns, DO-15, $0.20 4,000 Details
FR307-B Rectifier Fast 3A 1000V 500ns 1.3V DO-201AD axial $0.30 250 Details
GBJ2504 Bridge Rectifiers, 400V, 25A, Single Phase Bridge $2.00 39 Details
GBJ25D Bridge Rectifier, 200V, 25A, Single Phase Bridge. Manufacturer: GeneSiC Semiconductor $1.25 5 Details
GBU806 Diode Rectifier, Bridge Single, 600V, 8A, 4-Pin Case, GBU Tube $1.00 43 Details
GI1102 Fast, Single, 2.5A If, 2uA Ir, 100V Vr, 25ns, DO-204AP, Axial $1.00 30 Details
GP10Y-E3/54 Diode, Rectifier, 1600V, 1.0A, 25A, 3000ns, DO-204AL, single, Axial $0.50 5,289 Details
HSMS-2804-TR1G Schottky Diodes & Rectifiers, SOT-23, 1A, SMD/SMT $0.80 815 Details
KBU8J Bridge module/rectifier, single phase 8A 600V, vertical. 10PH10 & KBU8B are 100V. $1.50 10 Details
MBR0540T1G Schottky Diode, Rectifier, 0.5A, 40V, SMD/SMT, SOD-123, Single $0.30 199 Details
MBR1060 Schottky, Single, 60V Vrrm, 10A If, 100 uA Ir, -65V ~ 150C, TO-220-2 $1.00 75 Details
MBR140SFT1G Schottky Diode, Rectifier, 1A, 40V, SMD/SMT, SOD-123FL, Single $0.40 2,065 Details
MBRS1100T3G Schottky Diode, Rectifier, 1A, 100V, SMD/SMT, SMB, Single $0.40 1,517 Details
MBRS240LT3G 40V, 2A, Schottky, Low Vf, Single, SMB $0.60 930 Details
MBRS2H100T3G 2A, 100V, Schottky, Single, SMB $0.40 893 Details
MMSD4148T1G Diodes General Purpose, Power, Switching Hi Conductance Fast, SMD/SMT, SOD-123, 100V, 4 ns, 2A $0.20 5,627 Details
MSRD620CTT4G 200V, 6A, 75ns, Fast Recovery, DPAK $0.80 637 Details
MUR1100E Diode, GP, 1KV, 1A, 75NS, Axial, DO-41 $0.25 1,972 Details
MUR115RLG Diode, Rectifier, 150V, 1A, 35ns, UltraFast, DO-41, $0.40 6,766 Details
MUR120 Diode, Rectifier, UltraFast, 75ns, 200V, 1A, Axial $0.30 180 Details
MURA120T3G Diode, Rectifiers, 200V, 1A, UltraFast, SMD/SMT, SMA, 35nS, CASE 403D. $0.40 4,920 Details
MURS120T3G 200V, 1A, 35ns, Ultrafast, SMB, CASE 403A $0.40 1,650 Details
MURS140T3G Diode, Rectifier, 400V, 1A, Ultrafast, SMD/SMT, 75 ns $0.30 2,360 Details
MURS160T3G 600V, 2A, Ultrafast, Single, 75ns, SMB $0.40 2,025 Details
NFB28G DIODE,SW.MODE POWER REC. 400V,8A,TO220AC $2.00 62 Details
PK20F BRIDGE RECTIFIER, 10A, 200V, 1-PH, .250 TABS. Manufacturer: Electronic Devices, Inc. $10.00 28 Details
PMBD914 Rectifier, Diode High Speed Switch, 215mA, 100V, 3 pin, 1mm x 3mm x 1.4mm $0.25 5 Details
PMBD914 T/R 100V, 215mA, Fast Recovery, SOT-23, Single $0.10 114 Details
PMLL4148L Diodes - General Purpose, Power, Switching SW GPP, 75V, 200MA, SOD-80, 100V, 4A $0.10 2,400 Details
RKPBPC602 Bridge Rectifier, 6A, 100V, 15.2 x 15.2 x 6.4 mm $1.60 75 Details
S1PM-M3/84A Rectifier, 1A, 1000V, 1800ns, Single, DO-220AA, -55C ~ 150C $0.30 1,777 Details
SA265 Diode, Rectifier, 2A, 2.0kVr, 1.8Vf, Fast Switching, Diotec $0.40 3,679 Details
SMBJ150A 150V,600W,BI-DIR, DO-214AA,-55C~150C, TVS $0.40 2,980 Details
STTA212S Rectifier Diode, 1200V, 2A, Fast Recovery, Single, 115 ns, Turbo Switch, SMC $0.50 2,624 Details
STTH102 DIODE,GP,200V,1A,20NS,DO-41,Ultra Fast Recovery Rectifiers $0.40 249 Details
STTH110 Diode, Rectifiers, 1A, 1000 Volt, DO-41, Ultra Fast Recovery Rectifiers, $0.40 197 Details
STTH112A Diode, Rectifier, 1A, 1.2kVr, 1.9Vf, 175C, Fast Recovery, SMA $0.40 4,000 Details
STTH112U 1.0A, 1200V, SMD/SMT, SMB, Single, 75nS, Ultra Fast $0.40 2,450 Details
STTH2R06U Diode Rectifier, Ultra Fast, Single, SMB, 600V, 2A, 50nS $0.50 1,903 Details
STTH3002CT 200V, 30A, Fast, 22 ns, Dual Common Cathode, TO-220AB-3 $3.70 67 Details
UF4007GP-TP 1000V, 1A, Fast Recovery, 75ns, DO-41, -50C ~ 150C $0.25 150 Details
VS-36MB160A Bridge Rectifier, Single Phase, 1600V, 35A, Stud Mount, D-34, 28.5mm x 28.5mm x 9.8mm $10.00 6 Details
VS-8EWS12STRLPBF 1200V, 8A, Standard Recovery, DPAK $1.50 1,710 Details
W01G-E4/51 Bridge Rectifiers, 1.5A, 100V, Through Hole $0.60 200 Details
All listed prices are estimated and subject to change.
Call 425-881-8202 for verification on pricing, stock and condition of item.
New Price: New condition (if available), comes with a ninety (90) day limited warranty.
call for price denotes a discontinued item and usually no stock available.
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