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Catalog No. Description New Price New Qty. Details
CD18ZT0R00 Res. CF 0 Ohm 1/8W Jumper Axial $0.02 4,700 Details
CF1/2152JT52 Res. CF 1.50K Ohm 1/2W 5% Axial $0.01 8,000 Details
CF1/2222JT52 Res. CF 2.20K Ohm 1/2W 5% Axial $0.02 9,491 Details
CF1/4473JT52 Res. CF 47K 1/4W 5% Axial $0.06 4,700 Details
CF12JT20R0 Res. CF 20.0 Ohm 1/2W 5% Axial $0.01 2,986 Details
CFR-25JB-52-1K5 Res. CF 1K 1/4W 5% Axial $0.05 2,000 Details
OA121KE Res. CC 120 Ohm 1W 10% Axial $0.20 175 Details
R50G470JT Res. CF 47 Ohm 1/2W 5% Axial $0.02 8,000 Details
RC0S2CA10R0JE Res. CC 10 Ohm 5% 1/4W 3916 J-Lead, Pulse Withstanding $5.00 35 Details
RC42GF102K Res. CC 1K Ohm 2W 10% Axial $2.00 30 Details
RC42GF304J Res. CC 300K Ohm 2W 5% Axial $1.50 313 Details
RC42GF392K Res. CC 3.9K Ohm 2W 10% Axial $1.50 115 Details
RCR32G221JS Res. CC 220 Ohm 1W 5% Axial $0.10 83 Details
RF451500-10 Manf pn? Res CF 150 Ohm 1/2W 1% Axial $0.02 3,987 Details
T120004-003BA Resistor, CC, 68 Ohm, 2W, 5% $0.25 292 Details
U1320A221L Ceramic Composition Resistor 220 ohm 2.5W 20x13mm 400 Joules, high surge. HVR Advanced Power Components, Inc. used on H series A size Drives for Softstart. $30.00 9 Details
U2630B330L Ceramic Composition Resistor 33 Ohm 29x26mm HVR Advanced Power Components, Inc. Softstart 230V boards ONLY $50.00 5 Details
U2630B680L Ceramic Composition Resistor 68 Ohm 29x26mm HVR Advanced Power Components, Inc. Softstart 460V boards ONLY $50.00 9 Details
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call for price denotes a discontinued item and usually no stock available.
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