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Catalog No. Description New Price New Qty. Details
1050A1 Panel Mount Indicator Lamp, Red Difused, 1/2" Mounting hole $2.50 37 Details
16/30HB Lamp, Neon, Wire Leaded, 1.8mA, 250V. Manufacturer: CML Innovative Technologies $0.50 137 Details
2191L5-24V LED Panel Mount Indicators, Green, Diffused, 5mm LED size, 8mm Mounting hole $3.00 66 Details
32RG18-2113 Panel Mount Indicator Lamps, PMI, ROUND, .5", 28V Wire AMBER Flat BZL. Manufacturer: Lighting Comp Design $12.00 15 Details
35R-2113 Panel Mount Indicator Lamps, PMI, Round .5", Neon 250V Wire leads AMBER Flat. Manufacturer: Lighting Comp Design $10.00 16 Details
5911 086-11 Bulb, 6V, 1.2W, 200mA, Incandescent $4.00 57 Details
597-7701-207F LED, Red/Green, Top View, 3.5mm x 2.8mm x 1.9mm, 16 mcd, PLCC-4 $1.00 279 Details
777231 Green, Mini, 125V, Flush $10.00 4 Details
800MR-P16 Pilot light, 120VAC, NEMA 13, No lens, 22.5mm diameter (AB) (90/80) $80.00 1 Details
CLB300CTP LED Lenses, Clear Fresnel Lens, Cliplite 5mm, 0.28" Diameter, 0.43 Height, 6.35 Mounting hole size $0.30 25 Details
ELM55MM3GDL LED Circuit Board Indicator, Vertitcal, 3mm, Green, 565 nm, 2.1V $0.35 135 Details
HSMF-C155 Red/Green LED, 2.1V, 2.2V 20ma, Top View, Untinted Diffused, 170 deg, 10mcd/15mcd, 3.2mm x 2.7mm x 1.1mm, 1311(3227mm). $0.15 1,956 Details
LI31140 LED, Orange Emitting Color, Red Diffused Lens Type, 60mW Pd, 80mA Ifp, -40 ~ 85 $0.10 1,000 Details
MV57640 Red LED, 2V 20mA, T-1(3mm), 80ma Ifp, 90 deg, Diffused, $0.15 2,300 Details
MV64531 LED, Green, Through Hole, Diffused, Wide Beam, 20 mcd, T-1 3/4 (5 mm), Dome $0.40 200 Details
P9XLAD Pilot Light Amber $8.00 17 Details
Q22P1CXXR12E Apem - 22MM Red LED INDICATOR, 12V, 20ma/40ma max. Diffused, Panel Mount. used on LP test box & DC BUS pumper. $40.00 14 Details
QLMP-AL96 5mm Yellow LED, T-1 3/4 $0.20 50 Details
SML-012UTT86 Red LED, 2V 20ma, HIGH BRIGHTNESS, 630nm, 100mcd, 140deg, Transparent, Rectangular, 1208(3020mm). $0.20 2,500 Details
SML-012WTT86A Yellow LED, 2V 20ma, HIGH BRIGHTNESS, 590nm, 280mcd, 140deg, Transparent, Rectangular, 1208 (3020mm) $0.20 1,342 Details
SML-310MTT86 Green LED, 2.2V 20ma, 570nm, 16mcd, 140deg, Transparent, Rectangular, 0603(1608mm) $0.10 2,711 Details
SML012ECTT86 Green LED, 3.3V 20ma, HIGH BRIGHTNESS, 518nm, 360mcd, 140deg, Transparent, Rectangular, 1208 (3020mm). $1.20 1,431 Details
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