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Catalog No. Description New Price New Qty. Details
1-822473-7 Sockets, 84 position, 4Row, 2.54 mm pitch, PLCC, tin, 1A $3.00 128 Details
110-13-314-41-801000 Socket, 14 position, 2.54mm pitch, 2 row, DIP/SIP, Open Frame, Gold $4.00 65 Details
111-93-324-41-001000 Connector, IC DIP, Socket, 24 position gold, 0.3" (7.62mm) Row Spacing, Open Frame $1.00 50 Details
1417 0.040" PCB solder-terminated connection jack, CONCORD #099006-10, Manufacturer: Keystone $0.75 725 Details
340-AG19DC Socket, 40 Pin, 2.54mm pitch, .6"(15.24mm) wide row spacing $1.00 36 Details
428-AG19D DIP IC Socket, 28 position, 2 rows, 2.54mm x 15.24mm, 0.1" x 0.6" $1.50 200 Details
43030-0010 Crimp contact, female, tin, 3A, 250V, 25-30AWG $0.10 500 Details
808-AG10D Conn; IC Socket; DIP; 8; Open; 800 Series; Solder; 0.3"; 0.1" Pin Spcng; Straight; 3A; UL   400 Details
CA-16MS-IC High Reliability Machine Socket 16 position, .3 spacing $1.00 1,010 Details
CES-106-01-S-S Socket Strip, 6 position, 2.54mm pitch, 1 row, gold $2.50 404 Details
FLE-107-01-G-DV-K-TR Socket Strip, 14 position, 1.27mm pitch, 2 Row, Solder, Gold over nickel, $1.20 1,625 Details
P1/100-BS Modular Socket, 600V 100A, pairs with 15.0150 Modular Plug. $25.00 13 Details
P1/100-SSK Modular Plug, 600V 100A, pairs with 15.0152 Modular Socket. Manufacturer: Multi-Contact $25.00 4 Details
P1/63-BS Modular Socket, 63A 600V, pairs with 15.0160 Modular Plug $20.00 26 Details
P1/63-SSK Modular Plug, 63A 600V, pairs with 15.0164 Modular Socket $20.00 18 Details
PLCC-068-T-N-R Connector socket PLCC 68 position tin $4.50 91 Details
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