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Catalog No. Description New Price New Qty. Details
115000F00000G Heat sink clip #50 KOOL-KLIP $0.20 3,749 Details
217-36CTRE6 Heat Sink, Square, PCB, Surface Mount, D2PAK, SOL-20, SOT-223, TO-220, TO-263, 55 °C/W, 9.14 mm - Wakefield Solutions $0.45 99 Details
273-AB Heat Sink for TO-218/TO-220, Vertical/Horizontal Mounting, Aluminum , 7.2C/W, Black Anodized, 19.1 mm x 19.05 mm x 9.52 mm. Manufacturer: Wakefield-Vette $0.20 26 Details
507102B00000g Heat Sink, 1.75x0.50", TO-220   200 Details
507222B00000G Heat sink, Dual TO-220; 9.6degC/W; 44.45x9.52x37.34mm   200 Details
523002T00000 Heat Sink for TO-220, Vertical Mounting, Aluminum, 13.6 Degree C/W Thermal Resistance, 25.4x12.7x29.97mm $15.00 22 Details
530002B02500G Heat Sink, TO-220,2.7 °C/W, Extruded Radial Fin, 63.5x41.91x25.4mm, Vertical Black Anodize $1.00 80 Details
577202B00000G Heatsink for TO-220, Horizontal/Vertical Mounting, Aluminum, 24.40 C/W Thermal Resistance, 19.05x13.21x12.7 mm $0.30 88 Details
590102B03600G Channel Style Stamped Heat sink for TO-220, Vertical Mounting, Aluminum 10 C/W Thermal Resistance, 91.44x25.4x42.54mm $1.00 25 Details
6400BG Heat Sink, TO-218, TO-220, TO-247, 2.7 °C/W, 63.5x41.91x25.4 mm, Vertical Black Anodize, Thermalloy 6400B-P2G has shoulder pins, 6400BG has straight pins. $6.00 195 Details
650-B Heat Sink for DIPs & SCRAMs, 14/16 Pin Dip, Wakefield $1.50 19 Details
7136DG Heat Sink, TO-220, Vertical, 19.7 C/W, Channel Cut Fin, 13.081x13.208x 13.208mm, Aluminum $1.00 36 Details
7141DG Heat Sink, T0-220, Copper narrow channel style heat sink with integrated clip and locking tab, 24.38mm Height, PCB Mount $0.40 38 Details
BC143 Heat sink 7" auxiliary - for use with BC140, BC141, and BC142 models to extend maximum horsepower ratings $75.00 1 Details
HS0064A01 Heat Sink Assembly, A/B Size 460/575V Main Board   2 Details
MAX07NG Heat Sinks Max Clip System for TO-220, MAX-220, with Screws, 12mm Width, 0.6mm Thickness, 50N Force $0.20 10 Details
RT3810B02500 Heatsink, TO-220, PC mount, 1.65" W X 1.00" H, (41.91 x 25.4 x 25.4 mm) Mersen $2.00 1,398 Details
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