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Catalog No. Description New Price New Qty. Details
1084211 Busbar, Softstart 30A, for 3-pole contactor, 2200EB. $60.00 1 Details
1084212 Busbar, Softstart 30A, for 3-pole contactor, 2200EB. $60.00 1 Details
30092551 Bus bar 2 hole for modules $0.25 83 Details
505520 Bus bar, flexible with insulation, 2x40x1, 376A@30C. Manufacturer: nVent ERIFLEX $130.00 6 Details
505521 Bus bar, flexible with insulation, 3x40x1, 464A@30C. 1000VAC, 1500VDC Manuacturer: nVent ERIFLEX $140.00 1 Details
505523 Bus bar, flexible with insulation, 5x40x1, 608A@30C. Manufacturer: nVent ERIFLEX $180.00 1 Details
505529 Bus bar, flexible with insulation, 5x50x1, 730A@30C. Manufacturer: nVent ERIFLEX $275.00 2 Details
BB0002A20 Bus plate assembly H2 E size $100.00 18 Details
BB0002A30 Bus plate for TZ500 - H2-F positive $40.00 7 Details
BB0002A32 Bus plate for TZ500 - H2 F size Input   15 Details
BB0007A00 Bus bar H2 D size for Bus Connection   32 Details
BB0020P00 Bus bar, soft start use with 40A & 50A contactors and resistor, 8910DPA43V14, 8910DPA53V14. $55.00 200 Details
BB0023A00 Bus plate assembly H series F size Cap   21 Details
BB0106A05 Bus bar - copper, for SCR to LR connections $10.00 15 Details
BB0106A06 Bus bar - copper, for SCR connections positive, 7 1/2" length $10.00 6 Details
BB0106A07 Bus bar - copper, for SCR to bus connections +/-, 5 5/8" length $5.00 5 Details
BB0106A10 Bus bar - H2 E size Skiip 3 for T1, T2, & T3   53 Details
V1071663 Bus bar - 140A non-insulated 1/4 holes $20.00 2 Details
V1074341 Bus bar - 140A 10" AMP 1/4 holes $20.00 1 Details
V1080241 Bus Bar, Transistor, 7.25", 1 LB $10.00 2 Details
V1080881 Bus bar - for softstart 2-pole contactor, 30CD020 $5.00 137 Details
V1081371 Bus bar - IGBT controller farwest $3.00 25 Details
V1085071 Bus bar, positive/negative "L" bracket $20.00 2 Details
V1086581 Bus bar - F-size terminal block $10.00 1 Details
V10936710 Bus bar - 2 hole, 5.25" positive, negative, ground $5.00 43 Details
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