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Catalog No. Description New Price New Qty. Details
49SMLB250 Crystal 25MHz 22pF 30 Ohm 50ppm FUND 2-Pin HC-49 4.3x12x2mm $0.50 791 Details
AD2S99APZ Programmable Oscillator IC, 2 kHz to 20 kHz, 1000 pF, PLCC-20, A=10% B=5%, Z=RoHS, used on Resolver feedback boards. $29.00 0 Details
ATS-49-R 11.0592MHZ Crystal 11.0592MHz 18pF 80 Ohm 30ppm 2-Pin HC-49/US $0.50 50 Details
ATSM49R-16.0000MHZ-TR Crystal 16MHz 18pF 50 Ohm 50ppm 2-Pin $0.25 122 Details
CSTCE8M00G55-R0 Ceramic Resonator 8MHz 33pF 0.5% Built in Capacitor 0.126x0.051x0.031" (3.20x1.30x0.79mm) $0.35 242 Details
CSTCR6M00G53-R0 Ceramic Resonator 6MHz 15pF 0.5% CST 0.2% 2x4.5x1.5mm $0.20 4,818 Details
ECS-120-S-4 Crystal 12Mhz 10pF 60 Ohm 30ppm HC-49/US Radial $0.60 47 Details
ECS-3951M-100-BN Standard Clock Oscillator 10MHz 5V 30pF 50ppm 7.5x5x1.7mm $6.00 22 Details
ECS-3953M-018-BN-TR Standard Clock Oscillator 1.8432Mhz 3.3V 15pf 50ppm 7.5x5x1.6mm $1.50 1,082 Details
ECS-3953M-250-BN-TR Standard Clock Oscillator 25MHz 3.3V 15pF 4ma 7.5x5x1.6mm $1.90 185 Details
L430000XFCD18BX Crystal 30MHz 30 Ohm 50ppm, Precision Devices Inc. $0.50 1,000 Details
LFXTAL026902BULK Crystal 8.192Mhz 20pF 40 Ohm 50ppm/30ppm 13.4x4.9x4.3mm HC-49 $0.50 63 Details
MA-506 13.8240M-D Crystal 13.824MHz 22pF 50 Ohm 50/30 ppm. Manufacturer: Epson Timing $0.60 263 Details
SX1555-R 32.768KHZTR Crystal 32.768Khz Realtime Clock 8x3.8x2.5mm Mtron PTI $0.50 776 Details
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