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Catalog No. Description New Price New Qty. Details
005-2892-RMF 16.5uf 3% 480VAC 60 Hz 100C, MagneTek $50.00 1 Details
11047 Cap. film can 645-774 uF 125V 1.81D X 3.? Starter Capacitor for Single Phase 2 HP Motor and others. $30.00 1 Details
157696-33 Cap. film can 270-324uF 125VAC. Manufacturer: Mallory $20.00 1 Details
157699-03 Cap. film can 53-64uF 250V 50-60HZ 65C. Manufacturer: AO Smith/Century $15.00 1 Details
27L903 Cap. film can 45 & 5uF 370VAC 50/60HZ +/-6% $30.00 1 Details
2GE73 Cap. film can 2uF 370VAC 50/60HZ +/- 5% $5.00 3 Details
2GE74 Cap. film can 3uF 370VAC 50/60HZ +/- 5% $5.00 4 Details
2GE76 Cap. film can 5uF 370VAC 50/60HZ +/- 5% $7.00 2 Details
2GE83 Cap. film can 20uF 370VAC 50/60HZ +/-5% $10.00 1 Details
2GE86 Cap. film Can 35uF 370VAC $10.00 1 Details
2GE87 Cap. film Can 40uF 370VAC $10.00 3 Details
2GE89 Cap. film Can 50uF 370VAC $20.00 1 Details
2GE90 Cap. Film Can 60uF 370VAC $20.00 2 Details
2GE91 Cap. film Can 80uF 370VAC $30.00 3 Details
2MEC7 Cap. film can 20uF 370VAC 50/60HZ +/- 5%. Manufacturer: Dayton $10.00 1 Details
2MET9 Cap. film can 233-280uF 220-250V 50/60HZ 65C $30.00 1 Details
325P406H37N30A4XBA Can Cap. oil 40uF 370VAC round 70C $30.00 2 Details
4X066A Cap. film can 324-389uF 110-125V $25.00 1 Details
4X068A Cap. film can 378-454uF 110-125V 50/60HZ $25.00 1 Details
4X069 Cap. film can 430-480uF 110-125V $20.00 2 Details
4X655A Cap. film can 108-130uF 220-250V 50/60HZ $25.00 2 Details
4X661A Cap. film can 233-280uF 220-250V. Manufacturer: Phillips $15.00 2 Details
5X673 Cap. film can 590-708uF 110-125V $20.00 1 Details
97F5705 Cap. film can 5uF 370VAC 60HZ +/-6% $5.00 1 Details
97F9314 Cap. film Can 60uF 370VAC $25.00 1 Details
BS-5267 Cap. 1.5uF 120-500V 50HZ +/-5%. Manufacturer: Ducati Energia $30.00 1 Details
BUM37X6005V Cap. oil 60uF 370VAC 70C $30.00 1 Details
DS371605CEXA Cap. oil 6uF 370V 70C 60mmx53mm $15.00 84 Details
E145-220 Cap. film can 145-174uF 220-250V $20.00 9 Details
EC1161C06SP Cap. film can 161-193uF 220-250VAC 50/60HZ $40.00 1 Details
EC1189A02SP Cap. film can 189-227uF 110-125V $20.00 3 Details
EC1216C06 Cap. film can 216-259uF 250V D=2.06"x H=4.35" 1 LB. BMI $65.00 1 Details
G22-833 Cap. film can 189-227uF 110V. Manufacturer: Aero M $10.00 2 Details
G33-070 Cap. film can 400-480uF 220-250V 50/60HZ 65C. Manufacturer: Packard $20.00 2 Details
H94R4824E33 Cap. film can, 24uF 480V 60Hz 90C - Aerovox, refurbished $15.00 1 Details
KBSF 1194 PPI-3-3 Cap. film can, 26uF, 525 VAC, 60 HZ, 90 C - Cornell-Dubilier, refurbished $15.00 1 Details
PSU59015A Cap. film can 590-708uF 110-125V 50/60HZ 65C $20.00 1 Details
PSU8815 Cap. film can 88-106uF 125V. Manufacturer: Mallory $15.00 1 Details
PTMJ430 Cap. film can 430-516uF 220-250V 50/60HZ 65C. Manufacturer: Packard $20.00 2 Details
S161-220 Cap. film can 161-193uF 220-250V $25.00 1 Details
S189-330 Cap. film round can 189-227uF 330V $25.00 1 Details
Z24P3715M Cap. film can 15uF 370V 60HZ 70C Component has been replaced by component number OC3015F12SP
Z93S4824M02A3 Cap. film can 24uF 480V 2.91"x1.91"x3.88" Case "C" $40.00 2 Details
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Call 425-881-8202 for verification on pricing, stock and condition of item.
New Price: New condition (if available), comes with a ninety (90) day limited warranty.
call for price denotes a discontinued item and usually no stock available.
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