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About Practec

Practec LLC is a Baldor Electronics Service Center. Our specialty is in the older Baldor & Sweo motor control products.

Custom test equipment

Practec was Established in May of 1995. The business first started out doing consulting, designing and manufacturing of custom test equipment. Many of the test fixtures and Procedures were developed for the Baldor Electric Company; Giving us an in-depth knowledge of the overall Harmonized product line, from circuit board design to functionality of each electronic circuit.

In 1998 the Washington State Baldor Factory was closed and moved to Fort Smith, Arkansas and in 1999, we opened the service center and manufacturing facility in Redmond, WA.

Complete stock of replacement parts

Our 5,600 sq. ft. facility located off of highway 520 in, Redmond, Washington is organized to be very efficient. The shop is divided into different sections, allowing us to cycle several drives through the shop simultaneously. This advantage gives us one of our best qualities-fast turn around times.

Our Final Test area provides multiple three phase power and serval sizes of motors (AC,DC,Servo and Tachsyn) for testing: 120, 160, 208, 230, 300, 380, 460 and 575 volt drives. Our custom test equipment allows us to both troubleshoot and thoroughly test most circuit boards to the component level.

The owner, Kyle Haffner, was educated at the Phoenix Institute of Technology and Cogswell College North. He currently has over 25 years of professional experience in the high-tech Electronic Industry, working for companies such as Baldor Electric, Quinton Instrument and Applied Voice Technology. Areas of knowledge include: Advanced communications; networks; computer systems; motor control systems; analog, digital and high power circuits; electronic and mechanical design, Regulatory agency (UL, CSA, FCC) certification testing and business management.

At Practec, our friendly staff, easily accessible location and extraordinary service ensures customer satisfaction and continued business. The number one quote from new customers is "we sure are glad we found you"!